LocalFocal offers a powerful digital platform for the hospitality sector to enable contactless transactions and increase efficiencies in operations for food and services.

Key Features

  • * Address Safety issues by enabling contactless transactions

  • * Improve operational efficiencies by digitizing Menus and enabling online ordering

  • * Detailed analytics to help businesses analyze and optimize operations.
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Business Hotels without on-premise dining

QR code enabled access to local restaurants for delivery or pick up.

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Full Service And Resort Hotels With Multiple Restaurants

Unique landing page with QR code based access to reserving and ordering food, reservations and services.

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On-Premise order

QR based solution to order in a restaurant with minimal personnel involvement

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Room-service management

QR code enabled full service contactless room service

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POS integration

Fully integrated with multiple POS systems such as Micros and Opera

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Back end analytics

Customized reports and rich analytics


    We Impact
  • * Revenue - By creating easy to use ordering solutions

  • * Labor Costs – By reducing additional staff required

  • * Expenses – By offering a low cost solution that fits within the parameters of the real economics of today.
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Online Ordering & Order Scheduling

Make online ordering easy and seamless to minimize operational impacts

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Contactless payment and pickup

Fully integrated payment engine and pickup aert to minimize contact

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POS integration

Automatic ticket printing in kitchens and bars and integrated back end reporting

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Direct messaging and loyalty management

Seamless avenues for hospitable communication with customers and followers

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Upsell Optimization

AI based “upsell optimization” engine to maximize upsell and top line revenue